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“With the in-depth study and development of the project, we aim to make any production come true, in the most special and detailed way possible”

The best way to introduce ourselves is through a direct and personal meeting with us, and whatever project you have in mind, we would like to invite you to find out more about us, as we like to say yes to any new challenge and we offer you our vast experience for it. We love listening and discussing all the details in each project, as our obsession is to find the best idea for your audiovisual comunication needs..

We have a highly experienced staff in the audiovisual world, in all of the different areas necessary for offering you the project with the best possible outcome. We also have an excellent technical staff and the necessary technology and tools to develop any kind of content. Furthermore, and most important of all, we have an excellent sense of style and aesthetics, which makes it possible for us to get gorgeous results from the tiniest idea. This idea is all we need to start with, it can be yours, or we can also help in defining the starting point.

At the moment we face a new idea, a new challenge, it’s essential to have a partner and friend who will see the opportunity to carry out something which has never been done before. This idea becomes a challenge, a new challenge to defend and to put forward. This is exactly our work: we strive for quality in all of our projects to the smallest detail with professionality, thoroughness, enthusiasm and the much undervalued sense of humour and honesty, as the catalan author Miquel Martí Pol said said: “everything is there waiting for us to do, and everything is possible.”

For a full audiovisual production, we offer the following services:


Writting the screenplay and shooting script, storyboard, screenplay, and making the production planning.


Outdoor recording, for such things as TV spots, TV programs… Studio Ben Mirat: 4 camera filming, props, decoration, virtual Studio, stage renting, IPTV platform…

Plató Ben Mirat: Realització amb 4 càmeres, decoració, plató virtual, lloguer del plató.

Plataforma IPTV


Video and sound editing, voice-over, original music, Graphics and design, mastering.

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